It's yours to make

Graduate careers: engineering, finance and marketing

Where others offer rigid programmes and defined career paths,
we offer flexibility and the chance to explore. We’ll give you a
starting point, but where you take it and what you make of it
– that’s up to you.

Make it you

We need bright sparks to work across Dyson. Dyson people are inventors, pioneers, even mavericks. People who think for themselves and see things in surprising ways. We want people who aren’t afraid to get it wrong or put bold ideas into action.

Over the years, we’ve noticed some traits that make Dyson people, Dyson. They’re a reminder of what we hold true – and are lived in Dyson offices the world over.

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Are you ingenious?

Wrong thinking can be the best way to get the right answer.
A blade without a fan? A vacuum without a bag? Sometimes
an unconventional idea is the right place to start.

Do you see opportunity when others see problems?

Are you an explorer?

We’re bigger than we were, but we haven’t lost our spirit. We are globally minded; curious about exploring the new. We don’t see boundaries or geographies – just an opportunity to work collaboratively.

Do you see what cultures have in common and
what is different?

Are you an architect?

We create the climate for success by setting high standards and sticking to them. We expect people
to build committed teams. We thrive on change
and always go the extra mile.

Do you have the confidence to set your own direction?

Are you attuned?

We understand people. We know what customers need before they do. We also know how to get the best out of each other and ourselves: by acting with courage, passion and conviction.

Do you believe in yourself?

Are you a fighter?

We aren’t perfect. But we are perfectionists. We believe in getting it right, no matter how many attempts it takes. If it feels like hard work, keep going – you’re probably on the right path.

Do you overcome obstacles?

Are you shrewd?

Entrepreneurial spirit is in all of us; opportunity spotting, commercial thinking, risk taking.

Do you make the right decisions?

Make it happen...

Dyson approaches problems from fresh perspectives. Graduates do too. From the
beginning, James has called upon graduates to establish new ways of doing things.
At first, it was just our engineers. Now, they're all over Dyson.

There's no traditional graduate training scheme – no trailing behind someone
observing. You're thrown in at the deep end, given projects to manage and
encouraged to show your capabilities. Some ideas are immediate winners, others
need refining – but energy and enthusiasm are rewarded.

Read on to see roles in engineering, finance and marketing.

In engineering

Research, Design and Development (RDD) is the heart of Dyson. It’s a place for inventors and creative minds with technical knowhow.

Based at our Malmesbury HQ, you’ll be part of a 1700-strong global team of engineers and scientists. Electronics, mechanical engineering, design or research – whatever your discipline, you’ll be using your skills to help develop revolutionary new technologies from day one.

Closing date for applications is 1st December.

Graduate mechanical and
design engineer (Malmesbury)

We’re looking for the next generation of creative problem-solvers to join our Research, Design & Development (RDD) team. You’ll be working in the labs where ground breaking Dyson technologies like the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer and the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum cleaner were born.

To join us, you’ll need to have (or be expecting) at least
a 2.1 in a relevant engineering or science discipline.
But more importantly, you’ll bring the ability to combine creative thinking with technical expertise. Our engineers relish designing, building and testing their ideas – and repeating it until they get it right.

Applications for this role are now closed.

Graduate research engineer/scientist

Identifying a problem worth solving is just the start.
The clever part is how our research team find the right solution. All Dyson machines are based on core technologies or concepts – and these are born
in our research department.

Join us and you’ll be using your ingenuity, engineering and scientific skills to develop inventive new approaches to global problems. Working alongside other scientists and engineers, you’ll take on a wide range of projects
with plenty of chances to get practical.

You’ll need to have (or be expecting) at least a 2.1
in an engineering or science subject. An interest in mathematical modelling, mechanical engineering, prototyping and product development would be ideal.

Applications for this role are now closed.

Graduate electronic engineer

After 420 patents and £28m of investment, we launched Dyson’s first robot vacuum in 2014. Behind the scenes, our engineers have been researching and developing robot technology for over 16 years.

Join us and you’ll have the chance to play your part in the future of Dyson. You’ll be part of an electronics team that applies creative thinking and engineering logic to shape the smart technology of the future.

You’ll need to have (or be expecting) a 2.1 or higher in one of the following subjects: electrical or electronic engineering; computer science; or robotics.

Applications for this role are now closed.

Engineering internship

Lasting three, six or 12 months, our engineering internships give you the opportunity to take on real projects and gain a wealth of experience within our Research, Design & Development (RDD) team.

What you’ll need:

  • At least 340 UCAS points (excluding General Studies)
  • The right to live and work in the EU
  • To be studying a technical degree, including (but not limited to): computer science; robotics; product design; design engineering; industrial design; design and innovation; mechanical engineering; electronic, electrical or software engineering; physics; biology; chemistry.

Applications for this role are now closed.

In finance

Our finance teams work hard to make sure we’re as smart with money as we are with machines.

Working towards the ACCA qualification, you’ll experience regular rotations as you develop into a well-rounded financial expert and business advisor.

Dyson Finance roles:

Graduate finance
Finance placement

Graduate finance (Malmesbury)

From financial control to commercial decision-making, finance teams play a crucial and varied role at Dyson.
As a graduate on the team, you’ll have a real job from
day one – making improvements and solving problems
as you learn about our business.

You’ll rotate through three placements, each lasting
a year. The areas you could experience include new product investments, commercial forecasting & planning, management accounting, financial control and
internal audit.

Whilst doing this, you’ll also study to become a qualified ACCA accountant. We’ll not only pay your course fees, we’ll provide you with study time and development support.

You’ll need to have (or be expecting) a 2.1 or higher
in an analytical degree, have strong numeracy and communication skills, and a minimum of 300 UCAS
points gained over three core subjects.

Applications for this role are now closed.

Finance placement (Malmesbury)

Our one-year finance placement gives you the chance
to dig your teeth into real problems from the very start – contributing just as much as you’re learning, in fact.
Your time will be divided between two key teams:

Group Reporting: This is where we bring together results from around the world to produce our management accounts. You’ll gain experience of consolidation in a multinational group and take ownership of parts of the month-end reporting process.

Treasury: We’re a global business with a presence in over 40 countries. More than 85% of our sales are now made outside the UK. You’ll be part of the team that helps to make this possible, focusing mainly on settling and verifying foreign exchange trades and cash sweeps.

You’ll need to be on track for a 2.1 or higher in an analytical degree, have strong numeracy and communication skills, and a minimum of 300 UCAS
points gained over three core subjects.

Applications for this role are now closed.

In marketing

Our Marketing and Creative teams are responsible for guiding our new technology to market – bringing Dyson machines to life in an engaging way. We don’t need marketing gimmicks or flashy words – everything we do is based on engineering fact.

Whether you’re working with words, images or video – in print, instore or online – you’ll collaborate with colleagues across the business to turn ideas into reality.

Graduate marketing (Malmesbury/Global)

Our marketing graduates gain experience across a wide range of activities. So we look for people who are keen to learn and quick to adapt. People who can get stuck into small tasks, but aren’t afraid to take on big projects either.

Whatever the scale of the assignment, you’ll be taking
a strategic lead, collaborating with experts from different areas – and ensuring we are telling the most compelling stories about ourselves and our machines.

Spanning two years, this International Commercial Executive programme gives you a thorough grounding
in Dyson’s commercial operations at our global HQ.
After year one, you’ll be equipped with the skills you
need to take into overseas markets for the second year
of the programme.

You’ll have (or be expecting) at least a 2.1 in any subject, a strong academic track record, plus an interest
in working internationally. You’ll also need a head for data, the ability to communicate effectively and ideally experience of a busy, deadline-driven environment.

Applications for this role are now closed.

Graduate creative (Malmesbury)

Dyson has its own in-house creative agency. It’s their job to tell the Dyson story – developing propositions that reflect the unique benefits of our machines, and creating communication materials that match our reputation for quality and invention.

As a graduate, you’ll get to help it all take shape. Retail strategies, digital marketing, cross-media advertising campaigns – it’s all conceived and delivered right here in our Malmesbury HQ. Often key campaign messages come from our graduates – they’re never afraid to share ideas.

To join us, you’ll need a degree in design communications or advertising creative, as well as skills in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. You’ll also bring the ability to think strategically, creatively and conceptually.

Applications for this role are now closed.

  • "At Dyson, improvements – breakthroughs – only come by questioning, testing and often trying the seemingly illogical. It leads to invention. And new technology."

  • 1993

    In 1978, James bought a top of the range vacuum cleaner, but it instantly clogged and lost suction. The engineer's instinct kicked in. He ripped open the bag and built a cardboard cyclone. 5 years and 5,127 prototypes later, James created the DC01 – the first bagless vacuum cleaner. Within 18 months it became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the UK.

  • 2014

    In just twenty years, Dyson has grown from one man to an international technology company. We sell machines
    in over 70 countries. But we haven’t lost our vibrancy.

    Like James, we’re inventors at heart. We look for problems worth solving. We experiment, we test and we improve. We fail regularly, but dust ourselves off and keep going. The end result is a catalogue of new and different technology. The Dyson digital motor, the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers, the Dyson Air Multiplier™
    fans and heaters. And plenty more to come.